Need Energy? Spark it Up!

Several years ago I became an independent distributor for Advocare. Not to make money, although, that is a benefit if you put the effort into it. It was all because of one product. Advocare Spark.


I decided to try it out after a friend was constantly touting how wonderful it was. She always had so much energy—something I was severely lacking. She inspired me to give it a whirl. My first order arrived and I was super excited to mix my first bottle (fruit punch is my fav).  About 15 minutes later I was bada-binging-bada-booming around the house.

After a week of using this magical stuff I signed up to distribute mostly because you get a 25% discount on the product—that was a win win for me. I might need this stuff for life!   Later, we discovered an acquaintance of my husband (an awesome NFL cornerback) was hyped up about it too. The pros know—Right? Still after all these years I use Spark almost everyday—it is also filled with vitamins which my diet was severely lacking—even better!



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